Dear all Valued Customers,

Hope you are doing great!

We at ozvapeshop, introduce an amazing rewards and points system which can be more beneficial to you to purchase more vapes at best-discounted rates.

Now let me share with me what kind of discounts, rewards, and points you can earn from our program.

Visit first then create an account from the below steps:

register reward section.

Once you are done with registering you will be eligible to earn points as per our program and can be redeemed as a discount.

Let me share what kind of reward points you can earn and redeem against having amazing discounts.

Sign up for Bonus Points

Whenever you register as a new user you will receive 200 points which you redeem on the new order at the same time as a 20$ discounted rate.

Now let’s understand you have you can redeem these points under where and how.

Once you sign up you will find under below 200 points earned.

sign up reward points system
available points

Most important these points never gets expired so don’t worry about that.

Now let’s understand how to redeem these points step by step.

  1. Browse the product you wanted to buy and then add to your cart directly

Below is an example of how I have added a few products to the add-to-cart.

add to cart products.

2. Now let’s apply the discounted coupon how to redeem and avail for flat 20$. Just to make sure here your cart value should be above 60$ to redeem your points.

Note : To avail free shipping your cart calue should be above 99$.

redeem reward point process
sign up reward system

Hurray Your Signup 200 Points is Redeemed now as flat 20$ Discount Value

sign up redeemed

Referral Bonus Discount Points

refer & earn

Once if someonce joins from your given link as a user you will earn 200 points and can be redeemed as as we did it for sign up.

In the referral bonus system both will referral and new join will earn 200 points.

Product Review Bonus Discount

Similar like the referral bonus you can earn more bonus points with this product review system.

Surprisingly there is no such limit to have a minimum cart value to avail of this product review bonus points.

If you review any product you as the buyer will earn 50 points which can be redeemed against 5$ in the existing purchases or the next order whichever you wanted to have.

The most amazing thing about this product review bonus points there is no expiry of 50 points earned.

Now let share you where to review and how you can apply for redeeming 5$ discount in the cart value.

For example, I am just providing review on the below product.


provide review for rewards

Once your review is approved you will straight away get 50 points credited in my reward section and you can redeem like we did it sign up and referral bonus.

There are other amazing bonuses too. For more information, you can visit my rewards button and click on redeem opportunites under that you will find all the other bonuses too which can be availed.

reward points others

Now, what are you waiting for Start earning more points and get referred to your friends for more discounts.