BIMO Crystal 12k Puffs- Pink Lemonade

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The BIMO Crystal 12k Puffs disposable vapes offer a convenient and satisfying vaping experience with a high-capacity 550mah battery, 20ml net capacity, and 12 delicious flavors.

Pink Lemonade Treat yourself to the sweet and tangy taste of pink lemonade, perfect for a refreshing summer vape.

Key Features

• High-C capacity Battery: Our BIMO Crystal 12k Puffs disposable vapes come equipped with a powerful 550mah battery, ensuring a long-lasting vape that won’t run out of power quickly.

• Nicotine Options: Choose from two nicotine strengths, 2% and 5%, to suit your vaping needs and preferences.

• Compact and Portable: With a package size of 6229105mm and a carton size of 565330280mm, these vapes are easy to carry and store.

• Bulk Packaging: Each carton contains 200pcs, with 10pcs per box.

• Lightweight: The carton weighs only 18.5kg, making it easy to transport and store.

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