Iget Goat

IGET GOAT: The Ultimate Compact Vape – Best Disposable Vape

The IGET GOAT is a remarkable upgrade from IGET Vape, featuring a 13mL Salt Nic e-liquid capacity that appeals to vapers seeking pure, intense flavor. The premium coils ensure that every puff delivers an exceptional taste experience. With its compact design and an impressive 5,000-puff capacity, the IGET GOAT is sure to satisfy your vaping needs.

If you’re considering trying IGET Vape’s latest offering, continue reading to learn more about the IGET GOAT and make an informed decision.

The IGET GOAT can be used continuously for about 5-7 hours or more, depending on usage. If used for 30 minutes per day, a single IGET Goat can last over 10-14 days. The long-lasting nature of this disposable vape is particularly appealing to smokers, allowing them to enjoy e-cigarettes anytime, anywhere.

Containing 5% (50MG) nicotine by weight, the IGET GOAT offers a high nicotine concentration equivalent to about 50mg/ml in standard vape juice. One IGET Goat Vape is approximately equal to 500 cigarettes (25 packs), depending on the cigarette’s nicotine content and the individual’s smoking habits.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of using the IGET GOAT:


1.Adjustable airflow with strong, medium, and smooth options

2.High-quality, potent nicotine

3.Over twenty flavors to choose from

4.Pre-charged and activated by simply inhaling

5.More than 5,000 puffs per device

6.Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry


1.Some flavors may be too sweet

2.Cannot be refilled independently

In conclusion, the IGET GOAT is an excellent disposable vape for those seeking an easy-to-use, affordable option. Its sleek design and straightforward operation make it suitable for both first-time vapers and experienced users. If you’re in the market for a new disposable vape, be sure to check out the IGET GOAT!

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