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iGet Vape versus nicotine gum or patches

Smoking is more than just a habit. It is an addiction that is hard to quit. Fortunately, there are products like nicotine gum or patches and iGet vape devices designed to help smokers quit cigarettes. Both products are effective at managing nicotine cravings, but which one is the better option? Here’s a closer look at iGet vape versus nicotine gum or patches.

Nicotine Gum or Patches

Nicotine gum and patches contain small doses of nicotine that are absorbed into the bloodstream through the mouth or the skin. These products are designed to provide a steady release of nicotine to control cravings without the harmful chemicals of traditional cigarettes. They have been available over-the-counter for years, and they’re widely known and recommended to help reduce the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and help people quit cigarettes.

Typically, nicotine gum is used for mild to moderate cravings while patches offer continuous nicotine support during the day. The recommended duration of use of gum and patches differs based on the treatment plan, with some suggesting up to 12 weeks.

iGet Vape

iGet Vape is a small, portable, and lightweight device that contains flavored e-liquid and nicotine. The device works by heating the e-liquid to create a vapor that is inhaled, delivering a dose of nicotine. The unique sensations of inhaling and exhaling the vapor mimic the act of smoking, providing similar satisfaction for smokers.

The vaping device contains different nicotine levels that can control the dosage a user receives. Indeed, many vapers prefer iGet vape because it provides an alternative to traditional cigarettes and hobby-like enjoyment.

iGet Vape Vs. Nicotine Gum or Patches

Both iGet vape and nicotine gum or patches are popular products designed to help smokers quit cigarettes with similar results. However, there are some differences to consider when choosing between the two options.

Nicotine delivery and satisfaction levels: Nicotine gum or patches can provide a nicotine dose, but they don’t prepare smokers for the familiar inhaling and exhaling action they’re used to. This makes iGet Vape a better option for many users since inhaling vape can mimic traditional smoking closely.

Convenience factor: Despite being portable, nicotine gum or patches cannot deliver a nicotine dose instantly as iGet Vape can. iGet vape can be used anywhere, anytime, and since it’s compact, it’s suitable for people who are always on the go.

Cost: iGet Vape devices are generally cheaper and last longer compared to nicotine gum or patches. The capacity is different between different device while an Iget King device contains up to 2600 puffs and the newest iget hot can be 5500 puffs. Even though the cost of an individual device is higher than a gum pack, each use lasts much longer.

Availability: Nicotine gum or patches can be found in stores throughout the world. iGet vape devices are not as easily accessible, and this can be a significant issue for smokers who need access to the product at any given time.


In conclusion, both nicotine gum or patches and iGet vape have their benefits when it comes to helping smokers quit cigarettes while still experiencing the nicotine fix. iGet vape delivers a nicotine dose while offering a smoking-like experience and greater convenience. Furthermore, it’s much cheaper in the long term, and the duration of use is not limited to treatment plans. While nicotine gum or patches are accessible and widely acceptable, the serving of nicotine does not provide the smoking-like experience, which is vital for some smokers.

Before making a decision, pros and cons of both options should be viewed considering the user’s preference and comfort level. Smokers wanting a similar experience to traditional cigarettes should consider iGet vape. Whereas users that are more concerned with access and cost, nicotine gum or patches may be an alternative.

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